Valued Galaxy Partners:

Galaxy is proud to offer a FREE reporting tool to utilize in your buildings during this COVID-19 situation. This tool can be quickly downloaded and used to track individuals based on which readers they signed into and when. The reporting tool was developed by Galaxy to help companies identify potential contamination risk for areas in their facilities or close contact exposure for employees if a person has been infected with a communicable virus.

For example, if an employee is diagnosed with COVID-19, a report of which areas of the building they entered over the past few days and who else was in the room with them can be pulled up. This is critical in letting the rest of the staff be aware of their risk of exposure and prevent the virus from spreading further.


All necessary instructions are presented when the tool is opened.

The tool can be run on the machine with the SG database, or any machine on a local area network that can reach the SQL Server.

  • System Galaxy is not required to be on the machine where the tool is used.
  • The tool produces .csv files that are compatible with Microsoft Excel, Open Office, Google Sheets, etc.
  • There are no dependencies beyond .Net 3.5
  • MS Office is not required to be on the machine where the tool is executed.
  • No install is required, it is a stand-alone portable executable.