Monitor, manage, and control your access system in real-time from anywhere a laptop, pc, tablet, or smartphone can go. 


Manage Your Business Anywhere, Any Time.

Cloud Concierge is a powerful suite of cloud-based computing services offered by Galaxy Control Systems.
The suite provides real-time monitoring, management, and control of your access control system from a convenient location on your PC, tablet, or even your mobile phone, with simple applications.

From access control to monitoring or video, we have your business needs covered.
Backed by cloud infrastructure, our services live in the cloud where you can manage your business anywhere, at any time.

Cloud Concierge offers simple solutions for today and the future:


  • Intuitive User Experience – Easy to Install
  • Customize for Integration
  • Robust with High Availability
  • Cost-Effective
  • Automatic Software Updates

Led by a team of seasoned security executives and world-class engineers, Cloud Concierge is more than just a service. We are focused on developing a new breed of unified networked security products that combine the performance, sophistication, and functionality of enterprise-class security systems into a compact and affordable package.



Internet based access control built with simplicity in mind.


Control employee access remotely with one-click of a button.


Manage your facility remotely with our DoorPoint app.




Access to software from anywhere in the world. Simple to use on your PC, tablet, or mobile phone. Intuitive interface optimizes for your device and requires minimal training. Enables management of multiple properties and employees with access to multiple sites.


Cost Effective

Eliminate computer hardware, software, and costly maintenance by only paying a subscription fee that covers all these costs and more.





Laptops, desktops, and servers are eliminated with cloud services. Traditional on-premise hardware is susceptible to theft where cloud resources are locked away in secure data centers.



Cloud Concierge is completely transparent and takes care of every software update so you never have to worry about maintaining your system. Your system will always be up-to-date.


Business Continuity

Data access and backups are vital to business continuity. The cost associated with providing data redundancy for a company is quite high and for some not an option. Cloud providers have a redundant framework built with this in mind so you have peace of mind.




Employee Cost/Overhead

Staffing budgets are often the highest cost of expenses. Having a well-qualified workforce can be a large part of the budget. Even when costs are not a concern, training staff to maintain another system puts a greater burden on the current staff. Cloud Concierge alleviates these costs and allows for more profitability with your staffing budget so you can get back to managing your business more effectively.


Join the growing list of clients that understand the benefits of a more secure business environment that fits your lifestyle. Cloud Concierge is available through any of our partners and system integrators. We invite you to call or email to find out how our suite of services provides a better solution for your data security. Call today for more information on how we can help you operate more efficiently and effectively.