Create professional, durable ID Cards and badges using any combination of graphics, logos, photos, and data. Customize badge designs to distinguish between employees, vendors, visitors, etc. Handle the entire badging process, from photo capture to badge design and printing, at the same computer.

Photo Capture

A poor quality cardholder image on a credential can ruin the best-looking badge layout. Images can be imported or captured during enrollment.

Card Printing

Card printers are available in a variety of models to suit the requirements of the application. Major factors to consider are single/double-sided, magstripe/chip encoding, security features & print speed/throughput.


Printer Consumables include dye films & cleaning kits. Most consumables are printer-specific. Attention to longer lead items such as custom high security holographic & watermarking features will ensure a ready supply on-site.


Badging accessories can help produce a better quality credential with less effort.