Mobile Apps


Galaxy Control Systems develops, manufactures and assembles all of our equipment in the United States. This means we have the greatest measure of control over quality and the availability of parts. And our ability to maximize long-term compatibility with existing technology makes Galaxy clearly the best choice for your security.

DoorPoint & PersonPoint

Galaxy offers 2 mobile applications, DoorPoint and PersonPoint, for use with On-Premise as well as Cloud Concierge installations.    DoorPoint gives you the ability to manage access to doors and view events from any location.  In addition to having the ability to lock and unlock doors, you also can activate and deactivate Crisis Mode, which can be used for a lockdown situation.  PersonPoint provides the user with direct access to the cardholders within the system.  You not only can view the cardholders’ recent activity, you can also activate and deactivate them as a user.