Max # of Clients: A client is defined as a PC (or device) which has software installed & registered giving an operator the ability to control the access system. Database and Communication Servers do not require a client license.

Max # of Readers: System Galaxy is registered by the number of readers that can be used. Each product level has its’ own maximun reader limit.

Alarm Panel Support: Integration with specific Bosch and Ademco Vista alarm panels. With just an IP connection the alarm interface gives the ability to annuciate alarms in SG and allows various commands to control the alarm panel. Supported Panels

Passback: Using In/Out readers with certain doors allows the end user to prevent a cardholder from entering/exiting areas within the facility if he/she didn’t use their credential to enter/exit prior. This feature is used to prevent sharing or ‘passing back’ credentials. Used in conjunction with areas, “traffic flows” can be configured to control from which areas other areas can be accessed from.

Door Groups: Allows multiple doors to be controlled with single SG Software commands. Door groups form the foundation of man-traps (sallyport, air-lock, interlock). Only one door in the group may be opened at the same time.

Card Data Import/Export: System Galaxy provides time-saving tools that simplify the task of importing people and cards into the Galaxy database. Galaxy can import and export data to and from personnel systems including SAP®, PeopleSoft®, and ManPower®.

Graphic Device Status: Display the location and real-time status of all doors and alarm points in your facility on a floor diagram. Intuitive icons dynamically change states to reflect the condition of the devices they represent. Operators can command doors and devices directly from the icons with point-and-click ease. More…

CCTV Matrix Control: The CCTV interface allows System Galaxy to control video distribution to an external CCTV switch.

SG Time & Attendance: Galaxy’s time & attendance feature reports personnel attendance and hours worked in any size organization.

User Status/Who’s In: This feature provides a real-time log of the cardholders in your facility or in a designated area. This provides a roll call report that is easily printed or viewed, helping you determine the status of persons. Also available to add qualifiers such as ‘in meeting’ or ‘Out of Office’.

Guard Tour: Track guard tour points by sequence, start/stop time, or by timed intervals.

Event Log Output: Used to distribute controller and loop/cluster events via Email Notification and Event Output (TCP/IP, RS‐232).

3rd Party DVR/NVR: Automatically call up Live Video based on valid access or
alarm events. Cameras can be controlled by the operator. Galaxy’s Video Viewer
supports manual retrieval of both live and historical video. Galaxy integrates this
feature with many leading third-party DVR solutions.

Badging: System Galaxy offers a versatile credentialing solution that combines card enrollment, biometric identification, photo-capture & ID badging, and visitor management capabilities. Provide the added security and safety your organization desires by choosing from any combination of credentialing features.

Web Module: System Galaxy offers a fully integrated web-based credentialing solution with the capability to perform card enrollment, photo capture, and ID badge printing. The web operator can also create and assign time schedules and access privileges.