Invixium Biometric Integration

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System Galaxy 10.5.6 introduces new integration with Invixium Biometric Solutions for Enrollment & Management of Biometric Credentials using the IXM WEB Application & Invixium Readers.


Scope of Integration

The IXM WEB interface supports synchronized enrollment of users and biometric by launching the IXM WEB Enrollment Module within System Galaxy's Cardholder Enrollment screen.

The IXM Readers can interoperate with any model of Galaxy ACP panel that is supported by System Galaxy v10.5.6 (i.e. 635-, 600-, or 500i-series ACP panels)



* At the time of the SG 10.5.6 Rls "Downstream/unidirectional" synchronization from SG to IXM.

** In SG the term "Cardholder" is synonymous with the term "User" in Invixium.

In IXM the term "Access Rules" refers to the type of Biometric Authentication being used.



Document Links:

See the Galaxy Invixium Integraion & IXM WEB Biometric Enrollment Guide for a printable PDF copy of the requirements and instructions to configure IXM WEB and System Galaxy software, and how to enroll users.


See the Galaxy Software User Guide for a printable PDF copy of the instructions to configure System Galaxy software.


Visit the Galaxy Current Documentation Page for a full list of the available Guides and Documentation.