System Galax Documentation Directory

List of available documents last updated: JAN-28-2019.

This directory lists all documentation currently in publication for the latest software release of System Galaxy v11.1.0.2 (January 2019).


  • Manuals A to Z - this directory lists all Galaxy manuals by name alphabetically. (500, 635, Ademco, Ba ..., ...)
  • Manuals by Subject (category) - this directory lists all Galaxy manuals by subject/category (i.e. Hardware, Software, System & IT, Credentialing, Mobile, Wireless, etc).
  • Note: This page lists all current publications and includes some retired guides. Retired guides remain in circulation for reference purposes do not receive updates to their information.


Manuals A to Z

This is the Full list of available guides, sorted by Name. Includes 3rd Party Integration guides and Retired Guides that are still in publication.

If you do not know the name or spelling of the guide, you can also look in > Manuals by Subject (category) .

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Manuals by Subject (category)

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To see manuals sorted alphabetically, go to Manuals A to Z above.

System Galaxy Manuals and Guides

These categories cover the System Galaxy software, services, and system specifications, SG credential enrollment, SG special features, as well as IT / Network specifications, active directory, server redundancy, VM requirements, etc.

Elevator Systems - Integrated

Video Surveillance Systems

Mobile App Guides

Hardware Install Manuals

Wireless Readers

Biometric Systems

Alarm Panels