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Mini Mullion 13.56MHz Smartcard Reader

Mini Mullion 13.56MHz Smartcard Reader Only / 200-bit & 75-bit

Technologies Supported: Schlage MIFARE® Secure Sector, XceedID™ MIFARE® Secure Sector, aptiQ™ Smart Cards using MIFARE, DESFire™ EV1 with PACSA, DESFire® CSN, HID iClass® CSN, Inside contactless PicoTag® CSN, ST Microelectronics® CSN, Texas Instruments Tag-It® Serial Number, Phillips I-Code® CSN

All Readers are available in 4 colors. Add color code to part# when ordering.
Black-Standard/ No color code required / Cream(off white)-"C" / Cool Tone Gray -"G" / Warm Tone Brown-"BN"
Smart & Multi-Technology Readers are availible in many PIV bit formats. 200-bit FASC-N is standard. This format complies with all current Government requirments, and is recommended for new installs with no existing readers to match. 75-bit is a common older format that should be used when matching existing site technologies. Other formats are available. Contact Galaxy for details.
**NOTE: When 'CSN' (Card Serial Number) is listed with a supported credential, the reader WILL NOT READ the Secure Sector of that credential. Also in the case of HID iClass®, Corporate 1000 is not supported.

SM10 200-bit Smartcard only

SM1075 75-bit Smartcard only