System Galaxy Includes Web-Based Client

Web-Based Client

System Galaxy offers a fully integrated web-based credentialing solution with the capability to perform card enrollment, photo capture, and ID badge printing. The web operator can also create and assign time schedules and access privileges.

Enroll. Schedule. Badge

Personnel Management: Galaxy extends the credential capabilities to the web-client. Users can search, enroll, and maintain cardholders as well as set access privileges.

Photo Capture & Badging: Easily capture photos, create badge designs and print ID badges.

Photo Dossier: The web-client offers a configurable dossier. Administrators can pull the latest card-holder data along with the photos and demographic information in a consolidated form for viewing and printing.

Door Properties: Web operators can pulse doors and override door lock- and unlock-schedules.

Reports: View and print Reader Activity reports and Personnel Directory reports with photos.

System Galaxy web client supports off-site managers