System Galaxy Total Security Solutions

* System Galaxy continues to offer the complete spectrum of interactive features and flexibility that customers expect. Monitor and command all access points and system devices from local or remote location. Galaxy’s well-rounded security solution includes interactive surveillance features and intrusion detection.

Monitor. Detect. Respond

Monitoring: System Galaxy makes it easy to monitor and evaluate situations with informative, color-coded messages and prioritized alarm events. Operators can quickly respond to alarms and events. Galaxy’s automated email notification feature sends selected events or alarms to appropriate personnel.

Door Commander: Control a single door or a group of doors with the click of a mouse. The operator can interactively override a lock- or unlock-schedule, disable and pulse doors from context menus.

Alarm point / Input Commander: Operators have point-and-click control of alarm partitions. Arm and disarm partitions, acknowledge and shunt incoming messages, and more.

Graphics: Display the location and real-time status of all doors and alarm points in your facility on a floor diagram. Intuitive icons dynamically change states to reflect the condition of the devices they represent. Operators can command doors and devices directly from the icons with point-and-click ease.

Device Status: Quickly determine the state of a device or door with dynamic test and graphic indicators. Command doors and devices through interactive command menus.

Email Notification: Selectively notify the appropriate personnel of alarms and activity.

Intrusion Detection: Monitor user-defined alarm points for security notification purposes.

GuardTour: Track guard tour points by sequence, start/stop time, or by timed intervals.

Elevator Control: Call elevator cars and authorize access to selected floors, based on access privileges.

Who’s In: This feature provides a real-time log of the cardholders in your facility or in a designated area. This provides a roll call report that is easily printed or viewed, helping you determine the status of persons.

Photo Verification: Automatically call up a stored photo of the person presenting credentials for direct comparison by the security operator, adding yet another level of security for your organization.

Integrated Live Video: Automatically call up Live Video based on valid access or alarm events. Cameras can be controlled by the operator. Galaxy’s Video Viewer supports manual retrieval of both live and historical video. Galaxy integrates this feature with many leading third-party DVR solutions.

System Galaxy is your total security solution