System Galaxy Software Solutions

System Galaxy Software example screens

System Galaxy is a complete, enterprise-class access control and security management solution that offers unsurpassed ability to satisfy the requirements of any credential management, access control, or security situation. With a user interface that’s easy to operate and system features that deploy in any combination, Galaxy easily fits any customer.

Flexible. Scalable. Complete.

Complete Solution: System Galaxy offers a complete selection of in-demand features that integrate with standard and emerging technologies. With System Galaxy you can deploy any combination of features; access control, alarm/event monitoring, intrusion detection, surveillance, elevator control, identification and credential management, photo imaging and badging, time and attendance, visitor management, reporting, and more.

Scalable Architecture: Whether you need a self-contained or distributed system, System Galaxy scales to any size, making it ideal for single or multi-site facilities, remote sites, campus settings and multi-national organizations.

Flexible Platform: System Galaxy offers a solution that is appropriate for any organization, including business, commercial, industrial government, healthcare, education, transportation, and more.

Sustainable Future. Maximum Investment.

Sustainable Future: Our forward-thinking design and commitment to sustainability allows Galaxy customers to meet today’s challenges and expand as future needs arise. By maintaining long-term compatibility with existing technologies and keeping pace with rapid industry advancements, System Galaxy provides a continuous path forward.

Maximum Investment: System Galaxy is a single-platform solution that can secure an entire facility. Choose the features you want now and implement additional features as your needs change. With Galaxy, you are never locked into one decision and you don’t need to discard major components when your system expands.

Galaxy Systems offers peace of mind