System Galaxy Access Management

System Galaxy’s complete selection of access-control features and reports is essential to managing access. Selectively use the features you need and tailor them to suit any combination of simple or complex security solutions. All access control features perform seamlessly inside System Galaxy’s easy-to-use software environment.

Import. Schedule. Control

Import / Export: System Galaxy provides time-saving tools that simplify the task of importing people and cards into the Galaxy database. Galaxy can import and export data to and from personnel systems including SAP, PeopleSoft, and Man Power.

Cardholders: Galaxy offers extensive user-intuitive options for enrolling and managing cardholders and their credentials. You can enroll multiple cards and biometric credentials for each cardholder. You can independently control card behaviors and access privileges. It’s easy to add the photographs, badges, and data that pertain to each cardholder and their role with your organization. System Galaxy provides numerous data types that make it simple to manage credentials and access privileges, as well as control report filtering.

Schedules: A click-and-drag interface with color-coded time intervals makes it easy and convenient to create a time schedule. Special days and holidays can be assigned to any schedule, and they can be uniquely configured with their own active/inactive times.

Access Rules: System Galaxy provides the ultimate flexibility in creating simple or complex access rules. Apply them to doors or personnel in a grouped or individual manner.

Personal Doors: Galaxy’s ‘Personal Doors’ feature allows people to be independently assigned to a door when a unique set of privileges is needed. Use in combination with access groups and profiles to quickly add doors to an existing cardholder. Or use the feature by itself to provide the simplest access privilege. This feature includes a convenient filtering utility that lets the operator quickly locate the right door no matter how large your facility is.

Time and Attendance: Galaxy’s time and attendance feature reports personnel attendance and hours worked in any size organization.

Reports: Track and analyze personnel and operator activity with Galaxy’s extensive election of reports. These include alarm, door and card activity, who’s-in/roll-call, auditing and many more. Powerful utilities allow the administrator to query data selectively, configure and save unique report filters for future use. All reports can be quickly generated for fast online viewing and printing.

System Operator Privileges

Galaxy offers a rich set of filters and privileges that can be assigned in any combination. You can easily control which screens and features each operator can see or use on an individual basis. This way can create unique boundaries for operators who serve different roles and ranks; like security officers, badging operators, and administrators. Also you can manage login and password renewals with finite control.

System Galaxy has advanced Access Management functionality